External Lightning Protection System

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External Lightning Protection System

The function of external lightning protection system is to protect structures and people from fire or mechanical destruction caused by lightning strikes.

Functions of an external lightning protection system

  • Interception of direct lightning strikes via an air-termination system
  • Safe discharge of lightning current to earth via a down-conductor system
  • Distribution of the lightning current in the ground via an earth-termination system

Jubilee Corporation offers complete solution for Lightning Protection in Dehn Brand(Made in Germany). Our team provides complete support from design to carry out installation of lightning protection system, backed by IEC compliant tools.

Air Termination Rods—Rods, Bases, holders

Down Conductors—         Strip/ Tape conductor, wire, cable

Installation Accessories— Conductors, holders, clamps, joints etc

Earthing accessories— Terminals, clamps, rods, bushings, lugs, equipotential bonding, spark gaps etc

DEHN Risk Tool– Risk Analysis Tool as per IEC 62305

DEHN Distance Tool– Calculation of separation distance between conductor & roof mounted structures

DEHN Air Termination Tool–Calculation of length of Air-termination rod

DEHN Earthing Tool–Calculation of length of the earth electrode

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