Photoelectric Switches (Day Light Switches)

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Photoelectric Switches (Day Light Switches)

EE Series
Models: EE8123-821, EE8020-821

  • For Automatic Switching of Garden lamps, Gate lamps, Window & Showcase lamp, shopping arcades, Illuminated signs and Streetlamps.
  • For Automatic Switching of Factory and Work sitelamps.
  • Model: EE8020-821 is particularly suitable for roads & highways lighting and parklighting
  • No false switching due to momentary high brightness such as from Automobile headlights
  • Un-affected by light from controlled lamps due to downward mounting
  • High Speed Switching mechanism
  • EE Switches are provided with built-in arresters for protection against Lightning surge
  • Light Level:

For 3A, Turn ON 40 Lux (approx.)

Turn OFF 120 Lux (approx.)

For 10A, Turn ON 50 Lux (approx.)

Turn OFF 200 Lux (approx.)


  • Maximum Number of Lamps to be controlled directly: for 3A

Incandescent Lamps:    10 of 60W

Fluorescent Lamps:       6 of 40W

Mercury Lamps:              3 of 80W/100W/125W

or           1 of 200W/250W/300W


  • Maximum Number of Lamps to be controlled directly: for 10A

Incandescent Lamps:    30 of 60W, 20 of 100W

Fluorescent Lamps:       23 of 40W

Mercury Lamps:              10 of 80W/100W

or:          8 of 125W

or:          5 of 200/250W

or:          4 of 300W

or:          3 of 400W

or:          1 of 7000W/1000W

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