Automatic Transfer Controllers

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Automatic Transfer Controllers

Special Features

  • Front optical port direct connection to a PC USB port (CX01) or via Wi-Fi(CX02)
  • Possible to see on smart phones or tablets through SAM1 app (Apple’s iOS andAndroid)
  • Wide – range power supply(110-440VAC)
  • Inputs, outputs, internal Variables Counter, Maintenance Counter , limits Counter, and alarms user programmable
  • Real time Clock with backup reserveenergy
  • Management of automatic test for generator with emergency androtation
  • Measurement inputs for three phase+ neutral Voltage values; also suitable for 1 and 2 Phaselines
  • Suitable for Contactors, motorized circuit breakers and motorized changeoverswitches.
  • Expandable through EXP modules (ATL610)
  • IP54 IEC degree ofProtection
  • Storage of last 100events
  • Status Viewing of Contactor or motorized Circuit breakers
  • 2 Status indication LEDs
  • Suitable for LV, MV electric systems andinstallations
Type: ATL600(Flush Mount Standard 144х144mmhousing) Front optical port for 2 power Supply Sources Power Supply 110-440VAC
Type: ATL 610(Flush Mount Standard 144 х144mm housing) Front optical port for 2 Power Supply Sources, Power supply 110-440VAC and 12/24VDC, Expandable with expansions modules

Main functions include

  • Switching between L-L, L-Gen orGen-Gen
  • Controls of Under Voltage, Overvoltage, Phase loss, asymmetry, minimum frequency, the maximum frequency with independent enabling and time delay
  • Supply input: Single in AC for ATL 600, Dual in AC and DC for ATL610
  • Voltage range: 90-264VAC for both; 9-36VDC for ATL610
  • 6 programmable digital inputs (Type of input: Negative)
  • Programmable relay outputs

1) 5 each with 1 normally open contact (NO-SPST) rated 8A250VAC
2) 2 each with 1 change over contact (NO / NC – SPST) rated 8A250VAC

    • VoltageAsymmetry
    • Control Minimum and Maximum Voltage and frequency
    • Power Supply Voltage: 110-240VAC for both; 12/24VDC for ATL610
    • Phase Sequence and phase loss
    • Voltagemeasurementinputs: Rated voltage: 100-480VAC L-L
    • Measurement range: 50-576VAC L-L

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