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Busbar Trunking System

Founded over hundred years ago to provide electrical services to Fiat’s car factory in Lingotto, Pogliano has grown to be a global supplier of low-voltage Busbar Trunking Systems. The product has spread from the industrial sector into a wide range of non-industrial environments, such as hospitals, government buildings, hotels, and high-rise buildings.

  • Complete range 25A-6400A Copper/Aluminum Busbars.
  • Voltage ranges up to 1000 Volt, 50/60Hz.
  • IP Rating: IP-55, IP-65. IP-68 is available on request.
  • Insulation Class F (155°C)
  • Copper plating, Tin plating and Zinc Plating throughout the lengths
  • Painted Aluminum or Steel Housing
  • Configuration- TP+N+PE, TP+N+PE+PE2.
  • Good Tensile strength of Aluminum equivalent to copper
  • High short-circuit strength / Higher breaking capacity
  • Low impedance & Low voltage drop
  • Good Anti-corrosive properties
  • Standards: IEC 61439-2, IEC 61439-6,IEC 60529 and IEC 61439-1
  • Built-in thermal expansion at every element.
  1. Terminal Element
  2. Straight Element
  3. Flatwise Elbow
  4. Edgewise Elbow
  5. TEE Element
  6. Special Elbow
  7. Tap-off Plug
  8. Standard Hanger

Site Measurements

Our dedicated engineering team using the most advanced laser equipment available, make a full site survey and take all the necessary measurements.

3D Modeling

Using engineering software, a full 3D drawing is designed for all the routes of the Busbar Trunking System, showing all the necessary details on it ready for approval from the design engineers.

On-Site Installation

Our trained team is available to do the installation of all parts of the Busbar Trunking system.

Testing Commissioning

Testing is done for all the delivered parts of the Busbar Trunking System at the site using the insulation tester. Also, a full insulation test is conducted of the whole system connected together and a report is issued and submitted to the concerns.

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