Farady Vacuum Circuit

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Farady Vacuum Circuit

Farady Electric’s VB4 Series MV Vacuum Circuit Breakers are applicable for three-phase AC Power Systems of rated voltage up to 24kV. The VB4 VCBs fully comply with the requirements of IEC-60694 and several other international standards like GB, DL, DIN and VDE. Further, the VB4 is fully type-tested as per IEC and GB standards.

  • Stable insulation properties
  • Modularized operating mechanism
  • Self-lubricative bearing (without oil)
  • High and stable metallization technology
  • High and reliable capacitive/inductive load breaking capacity
  • High and reliable ground fault current breaking capacity
Rated Voltage12kV, 17.5kV, 24kV
Rated Current630A – 4000A
StandardIEC  62271 – 100
Basic Insulation Level (BIL)75kV / 95kV
Rated Short Circuit Current (Peak)50kA/63kA/80kA/100kA
Short Time withstand current (4s)20kA – 40kA

Protection Relay

Farady Electric’s Protection Relay enables prompt response against fault or any abnormal conditions. It monitors all necessary system parameters. In case of any fault, the protection relay signals the VCB to trip and isolate the system in anticipation and prevent fault. The protection relay also provides built-in ground fault monitoring and auto-reclosing options.

  • Three-phase overload protection
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Detection of load unbalancing
  • Definite time and inverse time overcurrent protection
  • Zero sequence and negative phase sequence protection
  • Earth fault protection
  • Temperature rise alarm/trip, Gas alarm/trip and Guard alarm/trip
  • Events recording
  • RS-485 communication module

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