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Proximity Sensors & Controllers

  • Ambient Temperature: -25°C to +70°C.
  • Protection Class: IP67 (Except Capacitive sensors which are of IP66/ IP65).
  • Maximum Load Current: 200mA for PR, PS and CR series & 50mA for DC2 wire PRT series.

Note: For model details and queries, please refer to our price list or contact us.

✔ Available Round Type, Square Type, DC2 Wire Type series.
✔ Sensing Range from 2mm to 30mm.
✔ Both PNP and NPN types are available.

✔ Sensing range of 50mm
✔ PNP Type
✔ AC/ DC Voltage: 12- 24Vdc

✔ Both PNP and NPN types are available.
✔ Sensing Range from 8mm & 15mm.

a) PA12

Selectable Input: 110/220VAC50/60Hz

Power for Proximity Sensors: 12VDC 50mA Output: Relay 1C 3A 250VAC

NPN/PNP: Selectable type

Plug-in type 8P, supplied with socket


b) PA10

Power Supply:100 to 240VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power for Sensors:12VDC ±10%, upto 200mA with built-in short circuit protection
Input:Solid State Signal (NPN Transistor): IN1 &IN2
Output:i) Relay Output 1C 3A250VAC
ii) NPN Open Collector Output max 200mA, 30VDC
Response Time:Relay about 10ms, transistor O/P: 5µS
Timer Function:OND, OFD, OSD, Flicker, Flip Flop, Encoder etc. selectable For the timer 0.01S to 100S


c) Switching Mode Power Supply:
Type: SP-0324
Power Supply: 100 to 240VAC
Output Voltage: 24VDC, 3W, 0.13A
Output Voltage Regulation: Max. 0.5%
Hold Output: Min. 20ms (when input voltage turns OFF)

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