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SPDs for Low Voltage Power Supply Systems

DEHN’s popular Red/Line and Yellow/Line series SPDs are the perfect protection solution covering all applications from Power systems to Telecom / IT requirements. The SPDs (compliant with IEC / EN 61643-21) have a modular design concept to achieve ease of installation and cost optimization.



  • Modular multipole combined Lightning Current and Surge Arrestors
  • Available in Class I, Class II, Class I+II, Class III
  • With discharge current upto 100 kA
  • With end-of-life changeover contact option
  • Available in cartridge and fixed types

Red/Line Series
(For Power Supply Systems)

  • Minimized risk of damage caused by impulse currents
  • Short circuit interruption with active arc extinction ensures safe electrical isolation and reduced risk of fire in photovoltaic systems
  • Ensures full energy coordination in Class-1 SPDS hence the lightning impulse current does not overload downstream SPDs

Yellow/Line Series
(For IT Systems)

  • Maximum protection and compatibility with different interfaces
  • Variable protection for 1 to 20 pairs in LSA Systems of 2/10 type
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel SPDs to be screwed onto field devices

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