Voltage Protection Relays

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Voltage Protection Relays

Models: E479, E448N, E444N, V1-04

  • Available in both 1-Phase and 3-Phase
  • Voltages: 220V, 415V, 400V & 380V with tolerance -20% to +20%
  • With socket 11P FC
  • With time delay 0.5 to 30sec along with visualization by LEDs.

Models: V3-12-B

  • Voltage Range 240 – 600V
  • Din Rail Mounting
  • Auto Reset when phase sequence is restored

Models: E363

  • Supply Voltage: 115VAC or 230VAC with socket 11P FC

Models: W-04

  • Sensing: 3-Phase 415VAC
  • CT Secondary input: 5A or 1A
  • Reverse Power Adjustment: 10% to 100% (load to generator)
  • Time Delay setting: 1 to 40 sec adjustable
  • Power rating selectable through CT
  • Power Supply 230VAC
  • With LED Indicators
    1. Supply Green ON
    2. Reverse Power Exceeding Red ON
  • Reverse Power Alarm Red ON
  1. Reverse Power Indicator Yellow OFF

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