Voltage Monitoring Relays

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Voltage Monitoring Relays

Lovato’s voltage monitoring relays ,PM series, have been developed and designed to warrant the maximum reliability, accuracy and flexibility. TRMS measurements provide for reliable device operation even in presence of high harmonic voltages. These relays include the latest state-of-the-art generation of electromechanical and electronic components and are made with the use of the most recent technological and engineering assembly and control systems available.

  • Minimum and maximum AC voltage, phase loss and incorrect phase sequence
  • 1relay output with 1 changeover contact, rated 8A at 250VAC in AC1, energized in normal conditions.


  • Phase loss for voltage <70% with instantaneous tripping,
  • Automatic reset in 0.5s and fixed 5% hysteresis.
  • Phase sequence controlled at unit power up.
  • Minimum and maximum voltage with fixed 3% Ue hysteresis
  • Range: 208-240V, 380-575V (+15%, -20% adjustable)
  • Delay: Tripping time 0.1-20s
  • Reset delay: Reset time 0.1-20s

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