Vacuum Circuit Breakers

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Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Hyundai Vacuum Circuit Breaker has achieved its superior reputation with its extended life expectancy and excellent performance for industrial facilities, power plants, and marine vessels.
The HYUNDAI HAF vacuum circuit breakers are compact in size and weight, and have a quiet low-vibrating operation, along with its reliability and maintenance-free service.

Offered Models

✔ HAF 1541-4F (12KV,630A, 25KA, BIL75KV)
✔ HAF2341-4F (15KV, 630A, 25KA BIL95KV)

✔ Drawout Breaker with Drawout unit F-cradle
✔ With shutter
✔ Supplied with control jack with 0.8M cable
✔ Motor Spring Operation
✔ Aux. Contacts 4NO+4NC
✔ Supplied with manual charging handle

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