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Power Factor Controllers

With Capacitor Power Measuring

Type:RKR–7GTS — 7-Steps

Type:RKR–13GTS– 13-Steps


  • Microprocessor based (144 x144mm)
  • Automatic & Manualoperations
  • Automatic CKAdjustment
  • Capacitor Powermeasuring
  • 3 Digit 7 segments LEDDisplay
  • Auto Polarization (CT Current FlowDirection)
  • Overvoltage Protection (via AlarmOutput)
  • Adjustable Capacitor Switching ON/OFF Times
  • Display of Voltage & Cosphivalues
  • Fault Indications throughLED

With Monitoring of Harmonics & Capacitor Powers

Type:RKR–1T7C– 7 Steps                                    

Type:RKR–1T12C– 12Steps                                


  • Automatic & ManualOperation
  • Automatic CKprogrammable
  • Auto Polarization: Inverse connectableCT.
  • Measuring and Monitoring on LCD Displayof:Cosphi, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Capacitor Power (KVAR), Temperature & Harmonics
  • AdjustableSettings:Cosphi,CapacitorSwitchingON/OFF Times, Manualmodeoperationtime, Harmonic Protection Time Setting, Over Voltage & Temperature valuesetting
  • Over/Low CompensationAlarm
  • Protection with Alarm Output (High Harmonic, Over Temperature, Over Voltage)
  • Auto Select/ConnectStepping.

With built-in Harmonics and Energy Analyzer

Type:RKR–3P07C– 7Steps                                  

Type:RKR–3P12C– 12Steps                                

Type:RKR–3P13MT– 13Steps                            



  • Automatic & ManualOperation
  • Auto Detection of current flowdirection
  • Adjustable cosphi within the range of 0.8 ind./0.9cap.
  • Adjustable over voltage; over temperature; high harmoniclimits
  • Adjustable capacitors switching delaytime
  • Adjustable voltage/current harmonic protections (VTHD; V3….V13)-(ITHD;13…I13)
  • Voltage; Current; Cos  THD monitoring for eachline
  • Capacitor power; Temperature; Frequency; Total Power Factormonitoring
  • Active; Inductive; Capacitive EnergyCounters
  • Capacitors testmode
  • Alarms;highvoltage;hightemperature; high harmonics(%); O/U Compensation;energyratio status
  • User friendly LCDinterface
  • Directcapacitorsswitching on andoffupon system requirements,aimedforserial compensation

3 Phase 3 Current Transformer P.F Relay with Energy & Harmonics Analyzer

Type:RKR–3P18S– 18Steps, Size: 144x144mm

Type:RKR–3P18SC– 18 Steps (With Communication port), Size: 144x144mm


  • Lines 20 character LCD display.
  • 18-13-18 flexible steps that do not require sequencing.
  • Display and measure Capacitor Power (KVAR) automatically.
  • Automatic & Manual Operation.
  • Auto Detection of current flow direction
  • Adjustable cosphi within the range of 0.8 ind -0.9 cap.
  • Adjustable capacitor switching on/off delay time.
  • Adjustable over Temperature protection (Fan contact output).
  • Adjustable over Voltage protection.
  • Adjustable over Harmonic protection (VTH%-ITHD %).
  • Measurement and display of total Harmonic distortion for each phases Current (ITHD %) and Voltage (VTHD %).
  • Measurement and display of up to 21. Harmonic for Current (IHD %) and Voltage (VHD %).
  • Display and measurement of V, I, Cosp, PF, HZ values of each phase.
  • Display and measurement of KW. KVAR and KVA for each phase / Total
  • Active, Inductive and Capacitive energy counters.
  • 24 different alarm sources and one dedicated alarm output
  • Password Protected.


  • 10 to 1.00(Ind/Cap)
  • 96x96mm

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