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Power Factor Controller

Model: DCRG8PF Controller 8Steps (144x144mm)
Model: DCRG8PF Controller 12 Steps(144x144mm) (Controller 8 Step + 2 Pcs EXP1006 Expansion Module)


  • Suitable for LV-VM systems
  • Display Page for V (L-N, L-L), A, KW, KVAR, KWH, KVAh, Temperature, fan status
  • Harmonic analysis of current and voltage waveforms recorded for overload events
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: 100 –415VAC
  • Connection in single and three phase lines and co-generation system with 4-quadrant operation
  • Current input: Single phase with 1A or 5A configurable
  • Voltage measurement range: 05-720VAC, Current measurement range: 0.025-1.2A for 1A full scale; 0.025-6A for 5A fullscale
  • Back light graphic 128 x 80 pixel LCD with text in multiple languages
  • Display Cos Phi (Current value, Setpoint, Needed value)
  • Reliability, Capability of working in critical operating conditions and all this to protect the Power Factor correction system.
  • Reactive power measurement per installed step
  • Capacitor overcurrent protection on all three phases
  • Automatic identification of sense of CT current flow
  • Extreme reduction of the number of switching operations
  • Balanced use of steps with the same power rating
  • Capability to correctly operate also in a system having high Harmonic content
  • Expandable with EXP series Modules for additional steps
  • Passwordprotected
  • USB & Wi-Fi compatible
  • IEC degree of protection: IP54 on front; IP20 at terminals.
  • Software: DCRJ SW for use with cable 51 C11 for setup and automatic test software is optional and available on request.
Model: DCRK8PF Controller 8Steps
Model: DCRK12PF Controller 12Steps
  • Digital microprocessor power factor controller
  • Digital microprocessor power factor controller
  • Available in 8 steps & 12 steps
  • 3 Digit 7 Segment LEDdisplay
  • 4 key membrane keypad
  • TTL-RS232 serial interface for set-up and automatic testing via PC (personal computer)
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Advanced functions for capacitor current overload measurement, average weekly power factor, maximum value logging & step power measurement
  • Automatic CT polarity adjustment with Direct and InverseSettings
  • 2 relays programmable as alarm and/or fan control
  • Key-pad lockable


  • RMS Voltage and Maximum voltage value
  • RMS Current and Maximum current value
  • Required KVAR to reach set-point & SystemKVAR
  • Average weekly Power Factor and Real PowerFactor
  • Capacitor Overload% and Maximum overload value and Overload EventCounter
  • Maximum and Continuous Panel Temperature value. (built-in temperature sensor),Centigrade/Fahrenheit
  • Continuous Display of Actual PF and display of Target P.F set value
Model: DCRL5PF Controller7Steps (Controller 5 Step + EXP1006 Expansion module)
Model:DCRL8PF Controller8 Steps
Model:DCRL8PF Controller12Steps(Controller 8 Step + EXP1006 Expansion module)
  • Compact housing with Backlight Icon LCD display
  • Suitable for LV, MV & HV Electric systems &installations
  • Single-phase & three-phase installation
  • Wide Power Supply Range(100-440VAC)
  • High Accuracy TRMS Measurements (Wide Selection of electrical measures, including voltage & current THD with Harmonic analysis up to 15thorder.
  • Single Input with CT 5A or 1A(Selectable)
  • Voltage measurement range: 05-720VAC, current measurement range: 0.025-1.2Afor 1A full scale & 0.025-6A for 5A fullscale
  • Cogenerating systems with dedicated setpoints.
  • Reduced number of switchings algorithm
  • Equal usage of steps with the same reactive power
  • Advanced protection for capacitor banks.
  • Capacitor over-current protection
  • Reactive power measurement per stop installed
  • Step failure alarm
  • Balanced use of step with the same power rating
  • 2-level password to protect functions & parameter setup
  • Ethernet Interface (Only DCRL8)
  • IP 54 (DCRL 5)& IP 65 (DCRL 8)

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