Magnetic Contactors & Thermal Overload Relays

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Magnetic Contactors & Thermal Overload Relays

Togami Contactors and starters are most suitable for tough industrial uses like inching and plugging. In addition, the ratings of TOGAMI Contactors are based on minimum electrical life of 1 million operations.

  • PAK-J series: for capacity from 4.5KW / 6HP to 30KW / 40HP. This series can is also suitable for DIN rail mounting.
  • PAK-H series: for capacity from 30KW / 40HP to 400KW / 530HP. This is the higher capacity series which continues beyond the PAK-J series.
  • PAK-JS and PAK-US auxiliary contactors.
  • Thermal Overload relays with 1.8 to 600A max rating available with Phase Failure Protection, Manual & Automatic Reset Facility, and Independent Mounting.

Accessories available for these contactors include:

  • Thermal Overload Relays
  • Auxiliary contacts (HAU).
  • Mechanical interlocks.
  • No loss latching unit for specific models.
  • Spare coils for contactors.
  • Spare Contacts Sets for contactors.

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