Load Break Switches & Changeover Switches

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Load Break Switches & Changeover Switches


General Characteristics:

  • Power distribution from 125 to 4000A, TP
  • Designed for 415VAC.
  • Utilization categories: AC22& AC 23.
  • High thermal and dynamic withstand.
  • Compliance to IEC 60947-3.
  • Visual indication of contact position.
  • Available door interlocked handle and auxiliary switch 1C.


Provide on-load transfer between two sources for any low voltage power circuit, as well as safety isolation by double breaking per pole. Other applications include source inversion (e.g. to change the direction of a motor) or grounding/earthling.

  • Manually operated transfer switches with positive break indication.
  • Power distribution from 160A to 3200A, FP
  • Unaffected by voltage fluctuations and vibrations, protecting loads from network disturbances

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