Digital Power Factor Regulator.

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Digital Power Factor Regulator

Technical Data

PR-8D 6-Steps

PR-8D 12-Steps

Operating voltage(Phase-Neutral) 220Vac; (Phase-Phase) 380Vac
Operating Range(0.8-1.1) x Un
Operating Frequency50/60 Hz
Supply Power Consumption10VA
Power Consumption of Measurement Inputs1VA
Contact CurrentMax. 3A/240Vac
Current Measurement Range(as secondary current of current transformer)
0.01– 6Amp A/C
Display Range(Power Factor) 0.000 – 1.000 Ind. and cap.
Minimum Current Measurement Value10mA
Measurement Accuracy%1±1 digit
Current Transformer Ratio5/5…..10000/5A
Display3.2” coloured LCD
Baud Rate2400,4800,9600,19200,28800,38400,57600, 115200
Stop Bits(0.5), (1), (1.5) or (2)
Parityno, even, odd
Device No.1…..255
Device Protection ClassIP 20
Temperature Protection ClassIP 00
Environment Temperature-5°C…..+50°C
Humidity%15…..%95 (without condensation)

Technical Data

PR12 D12

Supply Voltage(phase-neutral) 220 Vac
Range of Operation (0.8-1.1) x Un
Power Consumption1 VA
Contact’s currentMax. 3A / 240 Vca
Current Measuring Range0.1-6Aca
Display Range0.001-1.00 Ind. y Cap
Min. time of connection and   Disconnection50mA
Accuracy1% ± digits
Ratio of current transformer5/5…10000/5A
Max. time of connection and          Disconnection10…60 s
Min. time of connection and          Disconnection2…10 s
Value of IND. P.F. adjustment10%…50%
Value of CAP. P.F. adjustment5%…50%
DisplayLED of 4 digits

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