Digital Power Factor Regulator.

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Digital Power Factor Regulator

Technical Data

PR-8D 6-Steps

PR-8D 12-Steps

Operating voltage (Phase-Neutral) 220Vac; (Phase-Phase) 380Vac
Operating Range (0.8-1.1) x Un
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz
Supply Power Consumption 10VA
Power Consumption of Measurement Inputs 1VA
Contact Current Max. 3A/240Vac
Current Measurement Range (as secondary current of current transformer)
0.01– 6Amp A/C
Display Range (Power Factor) 0.000 – 1.000 Ind. and cap.
Minimum Current Measurement Value 10mA
Measurement Accuracy %1±1 digit
Current Transformer Ratio 5/5…..10000/5A
Display 3.2” coloured LCD
Baud Rate 2400,4800,9600,19200,28800,38400,57600, 115200
Stop Bits (0.5), (1), (1.5) or (2)
Parity no, even, odd
Device No. 1…..255
Device Protection Class IP 20
Temperature Protection Class IP 00
Environment Temperature -5°C…..+50°C
Humidity %15…..%95 (without condensation)

Technical Data

PR12 D12

Supply Voltage (phase-neutral) 220 Vac
Range of Operation  (0.8-1.1) x Un
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 1 VA
Contact’s current Max. 3A / 240 Vca
Current Measuring Range 0.1-6Aca
Display Range 0.001-1.00 Ind. y Cap
Min. time of connection and   Disconnection 50mA
Accuracy 1% ± digits
Ratio of current transformer 5/5…10000/5A
Max. time of connection and          Disconnection 10…60 s
Min. time of connection and          Disconnection 2…10 s
Value of IND. P.F. adjustment 10%…50%
Value of CAP. P.F. adjustment 5%…50%
Display LED of 4 digits

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