Automatic time Switches

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Automatic time Switches


TB358, TB-38809K, TB-388K, TB-438K, TB2118, TB2128, TB6210, TB6220

  • Minimum setting interval : 1minute or 15 minutes
  • Built-in time set pins allow 96 operations per day for specific models.
  • Direct reading 24 Hour Dial with minute for specific models.
  • Adjust Knob to set time precisely to the minute for specific model.
  • Time Accuracy within ± 15 sec/month for specific models.
  • Upto 6 years Power failure backup for specific models.

Load Capacity:(for specific models)

Upto 30A resistive load

10A Lamp load

1.5kW 220VAC 1-Phase motor load12A inductive load

  • Automatic operation of factory equipment and machinery.
  • Automatic switching of street, office, buildings, shops, showrooms, factory lights and neon signs
  • Automatic control of Air conditioners, deep freezers, drying furnaces, electric furnace and welding equipment
  • Programmed switching operation of Electrical instruments, apparatus and appliances.
  • Automatic operation of school/office/factory timing bells/chime (particularly model: TB23018 in Pulse mode).

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