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Ammeters & Voltmeters

Models: ER196

Revalco meters feature exceptional accuracy and flexibility. Their Analogue Ammeter is used with a 5A CT.

  • Ammeters with dimension 96 x 96mm have 18 different range scales from 30A to 4000A.
  • Voltmeters with dimension 96 x 96mm have range scales from 0 to 500V.

Models: 2ERID48.4A, 2ERID48.V

Digital panel meters have greater flexibility in selectable ranges.

  • Ammeters with dimension 96 x 48mm (4 Digit) for use with CT from 30/5A to 9990/5A.
  • Voltmeters with dimension 96 x 48mm (3 Digit) with selectable range from 0 – 99.9V/0 – 600VAC.

Models: RID96S.VA

With Dimension 96 x 96mm for use with 5A CT

  • Selectable Voltage range from 0 – 99.9V & 0 – 600VAC
  • Selectable Ampare range from 20-30-40-60-99.9-200-300-400-600-999A

Models: 1RIMD2A, 1RIMD2V

Ammeters for use with 5A CT, Supply 230VAc

  • Selectable Scales 20-30-40-60-99.9-200-300-400-600-999A

Voltmeters with dimension 3 DIN Modules

  • Scale 0 – 600V, Supply 230VAC

Models: ERBC96-5A, ESBC96

Bimetallic & Moving Iron combined system.

  • 15MIN, Dimension 96 x 96mm without Dial Plate
  • Dial Plate 200A, 400A or 800A

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