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Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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Tokyo, Japan

Since the establishment of the company some 40 years ago, YUKEN has concentrated its efforts in the hydraulic area. As Japan's leading manufacturer specializing in hydraulics, it has provided not only Japan, but also countries worldwide with hydraulic components and machinery, which play a vital role in the industrial community as well as the contributing to society. Along the way it has been able to build up worldwide confidence in the Yuken brand.

YUKEN has always strived to offer to the industrial world products of superior quality and performance, delivered on time and at reasonable prices.

Vane Pumps:
3 different models of Vane Pumps are available for different delivery speeds.

  • The 150T model allows 126L/min flow at 70 kgf/cm2
  • The PV2R2 model allows 49L/min flow at 210 kgf/cm2
  • The PV2R3 model allows 122L/min flow at 160 kgf/cm2

Pipe flange kits for the above pumps are also available.

Pressure Control Valves:
A variety of Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves and Pressure Switches from YUKEN are available which have different sizes and different pressure adjustment ranges (~up to 250 kgf/cm2) according to customer requirements.

Manually Operated Valves:
The YUKEN DMG, 3/8 manually operated valves have a max. pressure of 315 kgf/cm2. The maximum operating pressure is 250 kgf/cm2 and the maximum flow allowed is 100 L/min.

Flow Control Valves:
The YUKEN GCT-02 flow control valves are needle valves with a maximum pressure of 350 kgf/cm2.

Directional Control Valves:
YUKEN double solenoid valves can be found in 1/8,3/8, and 3/4" sizes. The maximum allowable pressure is 315 kgf/cm2 while the maximum allowable flow can vary from 63 L/min to 500 L/min depending on the valve model.

Spare solenoids are available for these control valves in 220/240VAC, 110/120VAC and also 24VDC.

Check valves are another popular product from YUKEN and have a rated flow of 12 L/min (for 1/4) or 30 L/min (for 3/8)

Hydraulic Cylinders:
YUKEN Hydraulic Cylinders have a maximum operating pressure of 70 kgf/cm2. The CJT model carried by Jubilee Corporation has a bore of 32mm and a stroke of 150mm.

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