Company Name

Togami Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Brand Name


Date Founded

March 12, 1925

Head Office

Ohtakara-Kitamachi, Saga, Japan

TOGAMI pioneered Automatic Power Distribution Equipment in 1922 which was patented worldwide. They invented the basic structure of the AC Electromagnet in 1924 and the bimetal type overload relay in 1930. Now, TOGAMI continues its contribution to the stable supply of electricity under the motto of Quality No. 1.

TOGAMI Contactors and Starters
Togami Contactors and starters are most suitable for tough industrial uses like inching and plugging. In addition, the ratings of TOGAMI Contactors are based on minimum electrical life of 1 million operations. The Contactor series’ available include:

  • PAK-J series: for capacity from 4KW / 5HP to 26KW / 35HP. This series can is also suitable for DIN rail mounting.
  • PAK-H series: for capacity from 30KW / 40HP to 400KW / 530HP. This is the higher capacity series which continues beyond the PAK-J series.
  • PAK-JS and PAK-US auxiliary contactors

Accessories available for these contactors include:
1. Auxiliary contacts (HAU)
2. Mechanical interlocks
3. No loss latching unit for PAK-80H
4. Spare coils for ‘TOGAMI’ contactors
5. Spare Contacts Sets for ‘TOGAMI’ contactors

TOGAMI Overload Relays
TOGAMI Overload Relays are also provided with phase failure protection i.e. in case of failure of any one phase, the relay will trip. TOGAMI Overload Relays can also be used with bigger sizes of TOGAMI contactors since all GT relays except GT-11 have individual mountings.

Once again, Jubilee provides the complete range of TOGAMI Relays.

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