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7-2-10 Hannancho,Abeno-ku,Osaka,545-0021,Japan


October 1, 1923


Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers/RCCBs
Din Type Miniature Circuit Breakers
Earth Leakage Relays

TERASAKI is the premier manufacturer of various types of low-voltage circuit breakers with factories and sales offices in Japan and various countries including the U.K., Spain, Sweden, Italy, and Malaysia. In accordance with TERASAKIís goals of being the market leader with unmatched customer concern, TERASAKI has released CE marked products in the market in efforts to assure not just quality but also safety. Further, TERASAKI breakers satisfy a vast array of international standards and are acceptable throughout the world. The standards are noted in the specific product pages.

TERASAKI circuit breakers are used in buildings, factories, and oceangoing vessels throughout the world. The breakers can be safely used to protect low-voltage distribution systems from electrical faults.

Terasaki products regularly handled by Jubilee includes:
1. TemPower range of ACBs (upto 6300A) incorporating microprocessor technology
2. TemBreak range of MCCBs (upto 2500A) incorporating quick-break mechanism and microprocessor technology in electronic MCCBs
3. TemDin range of MCBs (1,2,3,4 pole) upto 125A, and ELCBs
4. TERASAKI Accessories for Circuit breakers including Shunt Trip, Under voltage Trip, Mechanical Interlocks etc.

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