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SUNX, Ltd.

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Kasugai, Aichi 486-0901, Japan

Since its founding in 1969, SUNX has used its technological expertise to develop and market state-of-the-art sensors, which function like an integrated set of "five senses" in automation systems for various industries. The company is working towards their basic objective of being ranked No. 1 in "Customer Satisfaction," by offering original and highly value-added products developed in close contact with their clients.

Jubilee Corporation carries a wide variety of SUNX photo-electric sensors, mark sensors and control units.

Photo-Electric Sensors:
With continued focus on automation and manufacturing efficiency, photo-electric sensors have been in great demand and SUNX sensors are world leaders in this market. The basic types of Photo-Electric Sensors include:

1. Standard Rectangular types:
All the series within this range come with IP66 or better protection. Further both the NX5- series and VF-series can be supplied with either 24 to 240VAC or 12 to 240VDC.

NX5-series: These are the standard multi voltage type and can be used up to a distance of 10m. The series has the quickest response time and models are available for both dark-on/light-on modes.

VF-series: This series is similar to the NX5-series but each model within this series can has a selectable dark-on/light-on function built in for flexibility and ease of use.

CX-series: The highly compact series has a sensing range from 70 to 300mm but has an outstanding response time of less than 1ms.

2. Cylindrical types:
CY-series: The popular CY-series has a cylindrical body diameter of only 18mm but still maintains IP67 protection. The wide range of models allows the customer to choose the exact specifications as well as the output mode from NPN open collector, PNP open collector and SCR non-contact. Maximum measurable range is 12 meters.

3. Metal body; long distance types:
Metal body, Through-Beam type long distance SUNX sensors offer a sensing range of up to 150 meters.

4. Fixed focus diffuse reflective types:
RS-520L fixed focus diffuse reflective sensors are available complete with amplifies/ Control unit PA-11D. This high performance sensor can detect opaque, translucent and even transparent objects within a distance of 8mm. Also, the model comes with in-built short circuit protection and adjustable time settings.

5. Fiber Optic Sensors:
For high sensitivity and quick response, the SUNX FX-series fiber optic sensors are the premier choice. Both sensor units and optic fiber are available from Jubilee Corporation. The self diagnostic units can include sensitivity adjustors and timer functions. The response time for these sensors is LESS THAN 0.5ms.

Colour Mark Sensors:
Various SUNX Colour Mark Sensors and Control Units are available at Jubilee Corporation. The most popular models are:

  • SH-82R and SH-82G: Sensor with amplifier models that use an NPN Open Collector Transistor for sensing output.
  • LX-12N(S): High-precision and high-speed sensor with a response time of less than 10 microseconds.

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