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Since 1922, SOCOMEC has been able to retain its independence, and has for several years managed annual growth exceeding 10 %. SOCOMEC exercises full control over its design and manufacturing processes: its main operations are integrated within the group's various factories, and this guarantees consistent manufacturing quality and respect of delivery deadlines.

With 15 subsidiaries worldwide, and factories in France and Italy, SOCOMEC is a truly international group.

Load Break Switches:
  1. COMO M2 Series:
    COMO M series switches are manually operable and modular multi-polar load-break switches. They switch on and off under load and provide safety isolation for any low voltage electric circuit, particularly for machine control circuits. General characteristics include:
    - double break
    - fully visible breaking
    - contact tips technology
    The COMO M series is available in 63A and 80A ratings
  2. SIRCO Series:
    SIRCO switches are manually operated or motorized multi-polar load-break switches. They switch on and off under load and provide safety isolation for any low voltage electric circuit. General characteristics include:
    - fully visible breaking
    - high thermal and dynamic strength
    - Good electrical and mechanical endurance
    - High resistance to humidity
    The SIRCO series is available in ratings from 125A up to 3150A.
  3. Accessories for load-break switches:
    - Door interlocked black handle for SIRCO switches
    - Shaft extension 200mm for COMO switches or for SIRCO switches
    - Auxiliary Switch 1c

Change-Over Switches:

  1. Manual SIRCOVER series:
    Jubilee Corporation carries the SIRCOVER series of 4-pole Change-Over Switches manufactured by Socomec. Sircover are manually operated multi-polar switches. They changeover between two low voltage power circuits under load and provide safety isolation. General characteristics include:
    - 3 stable positions (I,O,II)
    - fully visible breaking
    The SIRCOVER series is available in ratings from 160A up to 3150A.

    Further, all the accessories available for standard load-break switches are also available for change-over switches.

  2. Motorized SIRCOVER SMVS series:
    Motorized Sircover VS are motorized 4 pole switches. Other than being motorized they are similar to the Manual SIRCOVER switches. General characteristics include:
    - 2 stable positions (I,II)
    - Position O by manual operation and optionally position O by electrical control
    - Fully visible breaking or isolation
    - Manual emergency position
    - Locking in position O
    The SIRCOVER VS series is available in ratings from 250A up to 1600A

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