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SMC Corporation

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April, 1959

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SMC Corporation is the world's largest and most successful manufacturer of pneumatic components. With production, research, development, sales and customer support facilities in over 60 different countries, customers can draw on the experience and resources of SMC at local, national and international level, giving access to the latest developments in pneumatics technology around the world.

Established in Japan in 1959, SMC has led the way in design, manufacture, innovation and high quality developed to meet the needs of applications throughout the world, and reflecting the close working relationship which SMC builds with its customers, to find the most cost effective solution.

Recent achievements include the introduction of new cylinder and valve seal technology, and high speed solenoid valves. In addition, advances have been made in the development of ultra-high vacuum technology for the semiconductor industry.

SMC's product range is the most extensive of any pneumatics supplier. It covers virtually every conceivable product group and includes components and assemblies that are unique to SMC. Worldwide, the company offers more than 6,500 basic products with over 500,000 variations.

Details on the SMC ranges that Jubilee Corporation regularly deals with are given in the product specific pages below:

1. Directional Control Valves and Flow/Pressure Controls
2. Air Line and Air Cleaning Equipment, Air Cylinders and Speed Controllers, Air Fittings and Tubing.

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