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SELCO manufacture and sell electronic equipment for power generation, alarm annunciation and indication of discrete signals. SELCO products are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and are suitable for use in both land and off shore applications.

SELCO has made it their mission to offer easy-to-install, serviceable and reliable units for use in switchboards and control panels. Systems based on SELCO equipment provide high flexibility, easy troubleshooting and require little or no maintenance. The SELCO concept provides the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The SELCO range of generator controls includes units for control, monitoring and protection of generator based power plants. The SELCO T-Line, available at Jubilee Corporation, offers all the components necessary to control and protect parallel running generators.

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Auto Synchronizers:
Jubilee Corporation carries a variety of auto synchronizers for both Electronic Governers and Electro-mechanical Governers. These auto synchronizers have included voltage regulation. The SELCO T4000 Auto-Synchronizer provides automatic synchronization and connection of a generator to a live bus bar.

The T4000 measures the voltage across two phases on either side of the circuit breaker in order to obtain data on frequency, phase and voltage deviation. The T4000 will continuously adjust the generator speed in order to bring the generator into phase with the busbar. The T4000 will lock the phase and frequency once accordance is obtained, thus enabling the generator to stay in synchronization with the busbar without closing the breaker.

Load Sharers:
Here too load sharers for both Electronic Governers and Electro-mechanical Governers can be found at Jubilee Corporation.

The SELCO T4400 Load Sharer is designed to control a generator operating in parallel with the grid, or a generator operating in parallel with other generators. These load sharers include the following features:

  • Reverse power trip
  • Unload trip
  • Synchronization Control
  • Active load sharing
  • Soft load / unload with breaker trip

Together with the T4000 Auto-Synchronizer, the T4400 Load Sharer provides the optimal solution for automated generator control; however, the VAr load sharer (T4900) is also available.

Motorized potentiometer:
Characteristics of the 24VDC, 10 turn motorized potentiometer include:

  • Variable 0.8 to 6 rpm
  • Range up to 5K-Ohms
  • Sealed wire wound potentiometer
  • Built-in dust seal
  • Low speed motor for accurate control
  • High drive capability
  • Large size knob for manual control
  • LED indication of turn direction
  • Optional programmable RPM
  • AC or DC supply

SELCO synchroscopes have gained global popularity due to their performance and dependability. Jubilee Corporation carries M8100 premium which provide illuminated indication of the frequency and phase deviation between voltages on two separate AC systems (e.g. a generator and a busbar). The M8100 will also indicate whether or not the two systems are live.

The T8100-34 model includes an additional synchro-check relay.

Synchronizing relays:
A variety of relays are needed for efficient and safe generator synchronizations. SELCO manufactures the following T-line relays:

1. T5000 Paralleling / Synchro-check relay with clear closing signal
2. T2000 Reverse power relay with reset-able latching output
3. T2500 Overcurrent and short circuit relay with reset-able latching output
4. T3000 Frequency relay which provides combined Over and Under Frequency protection
5. T3100 Voltage relay which provides combined Over and under Voltage protection

Selco Products CDs are available on request from Jubilee Corporation.

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