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Samwha Engineering Corporation Ltd.

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Date founded 1981

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SAMHWA Engineering is a company that has invested considerable passion into the development of the motor industry since it was founded in 1981. Lately the mother company has launched a new website and SAMHWA EOCR Corp. has been established as a new entity by itself. In addition, the facilities have been extended with the establishment of a second plant and its modern facilities. It is SAMWHA’s intention to excel and to be a first-class corporation, harmonizing the electronic parts, motor and PCS business.

SAMWHA has been the premier company in the EOCR field for over a year and intends to be the vanguard of the high level technology industry through an accumulated experience and technology in Korea. To make this vision come true as soon as possible, the company is focusing on the investment of facilities, continuous technology development and recruitment of competent human resources. SAMWHA Engineering is also focusing on the expansion of our marketing and sales in international markets.

Electronic Over Current Relays:
SAMWHA EOCRs are used for over-current monitoring and tripping. The Relays are suitable for direct use from 0.5HP to 5HP (with a 6.5A relay) and up to 40HP (with a 60A relay), through CTs for motors of up to 500HP. The general characteristics include:

  • Protection against phase loss
  • Shock relay
  • Ammeter reading
  • No volt relay
  • 220VAC or 440VAC 

The EOCR-SE is the economical model and includes all the above mentioned features. The EOCR-SS is the more popular standard relay. In addition to the general characteristics, the EOCR-SS includes separate settings for operating time and delay time, is UL approved and can be surface or DIN mounted. 

Electronic Under Voltage Relays:
Samwha’s EUVR-220V under voltage relay is excellent for under voltage monitoring and tripping. It gives more control to the consumer by allowing the operating time to be set manually.  Features of the EUVR include

  • No-voltage relay
  • Voltage sensor
  • Voltmeter reading 

Electronic Multifunction Voltage Relays:
The two most accepted SAMWHA Electronic Multifunction Voltage Relays are the EVR-415V and the EVR-PD. These relays fulfill the following functions:

  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Phase Reversal Protection
  • Phase Loss Protection
  • Voltage Unbalance Protection
  • No Volt Relay
  • Fault Memory Retention (ASCERT)

Of the two the EVR-PD is the top of the line product with numerous extra features. It has an MCU ASIC based compact design. Other than providing multiple protection, it behaves as a digital voltmeter and has a very wide voltage adjustment range. The trip cause is displayed and the relay makes troubleshooting a lot easier. Finally, the relay can be reset manually, electrically or automatically.

SAMWHA relays are used in throughout various industries for motor protection, in switchboards and Control Panels and for protection of precision machines and equipment.

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