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Nokian Capacitors

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Tampere Finland

Nokian Capacitors Ltd. engineers and manufactures equipment and systems for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Their customers include housing and commercial premises, construction firms and industrial enterprises as well as companies engaged in the production, transmission and distribution of energy worldwide. The activities of Nokian Capacitors are based on solid experience, gained over more than 40 years in the business, and highly skilled personnel.

Nokian Capacitors has a 10 % share of the global market of reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Their main market areas are Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, Asia and South America.

Jubilee Corporation deals in Nokian power capacitors as well as Nokian power factor controllers.

Power Capacitors
Jubilee Corporation carries the N3D, N6D and SCDX 3-phase models of Nokian LV power capacitors. These power capacitors are available in 12.5 Kvar, 25 Kvar and 50 Kvar. Further capacitors are available for 400V, 415V and also for 440V. On request, Nokian SCDK 50 Kvar power capacitors for 525V are also available.

These power capacitors feature:

  • An insulation level of 3KVrms/15Kvcrest
  • Residual voltage is discharged to less than 50V within 1 minute
  • Very low losses of less than 0.5 W/Kvar
  • Suitable for temperature range -40 to +50 degrees C
  • Self healing mechanism
Medium & High voltage capacitors are offered on request.

Power Factor Controllers
Nokian Power Factor Controllers are available with continuous digital power factor display. The basic models are:
Nokian B6 : Digital / 6-steps
Nokian A12: Digital /12-steps with alarm function

The PF controllers feature easy to use menu-driven user interface and state of the art microprocessor technology. The PF controllers can be connected either ‘phase to neutral’ or ‘phase to phase’ on a working voltage of 230V + 15% or 400V + 15%. The operation sequence can be manually chosen according to the particular system.

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