Company Name

Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

Brand Name

National / NAiS

Date Founded

March 7, 1918

Head Office

1048 Kadoma, Osaka 571-8686, Japan

MEW is a globally exceptional company in that it offers a range of products unparalleled in their extensive variety, including lighting products, information devices, wiring products, home appliances, building products, automation controls, and electronic and plastic materials. Hand-in-hand with their diverse product lines, their markets span a wide range of fields, including residential housing, office buildings, commercial facilities, public facilities and factories.

MEW markets its products under numerous brand names premier among them being ‘National’, ‘NAiS’ and ‘Matsushita’. Jubilee Corporation deals with MEW’s specialized electrical systems group and offers National and NAiS branded electrical products including the highly acclaimed National Green Power series of Contactors and Overload relays.

National Green Power contactors, Overload relays and DOL starters
National / NAiS timers, counters, time switches and 3 phase Industrial Inverters
National power capacitors, clamp meters, photoelectric switches, liquid level controllers, hour meters and safety circuit breakers.

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