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Miyawaki Inc.

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Osaka, Japan

Miyawaki is one of the premier manufacturers of Steam Energy Conservation and Control Equipment in Japan. Since 1933, MIYAWAKI has committed itself to a policy of uncompromising quality, performance and challenges to energy conservation. Research and development have a high priority at MIYAWAKI. To meet industry's demands and to ensure quality, MIYAWAKI invests heavily in the best personnel, facilities, manufacturing techniques and quality control systems available today. This policy of "Technology First" has resulted in major advances in steam trap design and operation.

Steam Traps:
MIYAWAKI has developed an entirely new type of steam trap, with a "Duplex"-type valve, a double-ported valve operating by the pressure differential to increase discharging capacity.
Four different kinds of Miyawaki Steam Traps are available:

  • Thermostatic
  • Thermodynamic
  • Inverted Bucket
  • Ball Float.

Other than steam traps, Miyawaki Pressure Reducing Valves, Air Traps / Air Vents, Hot Water Supplying Systems nd Ancillary Equipment are also offered.

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