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Maruyasu Dengyo Co., Ltd.

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Maruyasu Electric Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of quality Push Buttons and Pilot Lights. These industrial accessories are used widely not just in Japan, but also in other countries all over the world including Europe and the US where Maruyasu has established a strong name due to itís dedication to quality and customer service.

Push Buttons and Pilot Lights stocked by us come with metal collar for long and durable life. The protective structure is IP65 (jet-proof type) and oil proof type.

The table below summarizes the popular ranges of Maruyasu products available:

Push Buttons 25mm, 30mm Flush 1a, 1b, 1a+1b
Push Buttons 25, 30mm Push Lock, Turn Reset 1b, 1a+1b
Illuminated Push Button 25mm
Pilot Light w/ Transformer 25mm
Spare Contact Block
1a or 1b
Spare Lens For Lights

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