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Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 1976. Lutron has been the leading instruments manufacturer in Taiwan for long and has kept on growing, developing, and expanding. Today their factory building size is around 6410 square meters (69000 feet) and they have around 100 employees. Lutron provides the most comprehensive and professional Test & Measuring instruments in the world and exports them to over 60 countries. Lutron has been famous and earned global reputation via its high quality products and remarkable R&D ability.

Digital Tachometers:
Whether contact/touch type or photo type, Lutron digital tachometers feature the latest technology resulting in highly accurate, portable instruments. Common characteristics include:

  • Measuring range of 0.5 to 19,999RPM (Contact type)
  • Measuring range of 5 to 99,999RPM (Photo type)
  • 5 digit LCD display
  • Special ring to measure linear and surface speed.
  • Resolution of 0.1RPM
The readily available tachometers are:
  1. Portable Contact/Touch type
  2. Portable Photo type
  3. Portable Photo type with laser
  4. Stationary Panel Type
  5. Portable Tachometer/Stroboscope Combination
  6. Digital Stroboscope

Digital Clamp Meters:
Digital Lutron AC/DC AMPS Clamp meters can be used to measure the following characteristics accurately:

  • AC/DC current (200A, 2000A)
  • AC Voltage up to 750V
  • DC Voltage up to 200V
  • Resistance up to 1KOhm
  • Built in diode check
The meters have DATA HOLD and PEAK HOLD options.

The Lutron ACA DIGITAL LEAKAGE TESTER allows high precision mA leakage sensing with Data Hold and Crystal Time base. A resolution of 0.5% can be obtained.

Digital Thermometers:
Two main different types of Lutron digital thermometers are available. The standard TM-914C portable digital thermometer is meant to be used with a thermocouple sensing probe and has a range from -40 deg.C to 1200 deg.C
The TM-2000 premium model has both distance infra red sensing (from -20 to 400 deg.C) and thermocouple sensing (from -100 to 1700deg.C). This model can also give computer output for easy trend analysis.

Calibrators and Checkers:
The Lutron Current Calibrator serves as a high precision current source. The output of the calibrator is 0-24mA for loads up to 500Ohms. It can also provide power (12VDC) to a loop and measure the resulting current in the loop.

Other than the calibrator, Lutron features a variety of checkers to certify optimum performance and help identify problem areas.

  • Current Simulator (calibration checker)
  • Thermocouple Simulator for K type (calibration checker)
  • RCCB/ELCB Checker
  • LAN Cable Tester

Digital Multimeters:
The popular Auto-range Lutron DM-9092 digital multimeter measures all common characteristics including V, A, Capacitance and Diode. However, for more detailed readings and power readings, the Lutron Digital Power Analyzer is ideal. Further this bench-type power analyzer can be connected to a computer for data storage / analysis.

Other meters available:
1. Portable digital Luxmeter with separate probe. Includes selectable light source.
2. Sound Level Meters to detect range 35 - 130db
3. Capacitance Meters available in 9 ranges from 200pF to 20000µF
4. Digital Insulation Tester
5. Anemometers / Air Flow meters (with Temperature)
6. Weighing Scale 100KG, bench platform type
7. Vibration Meter for velocities up to 200mm/s and accelerations of up to 2000m/s

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