Company Name

Solenoid Singapore PTE Ltd.

Brand Name

Blue Line

Date Founded


Head Office

Vienna, Austria

From 1947 to 1965, the production site of KRAUS & NAIMER Ges.m.b.H. in Vienna was significantly enlarged and production was dramatically increased. 5 more manufacturing sites have been constructed since 1960. These sites are in Ireland, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Germany.

Cam Switches (Blue Line Series):
Country of origin: Austria / NewZealand

The K&N blue line series is very well known for both its quality as well as its flexibility. A switch is available for almost any requirement that a customer might have. Experienced engineers at Jubilee Corporation work with K&N allowing them to further cater these products to fulfill all customer needs. Among the basic products available are:

  • 1-pole “on-off” switches
  • 3-pole “on-off” switches
  • 3-pole “change over” switches
  • 4-pole “change over” switches
  • voltmeter selector switches
  • ammeter selector switches
  • man-off-auto switches
  • multi step switches
  • 3-phase reverse-forward switches
  • phase selector switches

Standards: IEC, VDE, BS
380/440V, 3-phase, AC3

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