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Kawamura Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Date Founded 1919

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Kawamura Electric Inc. is a very successful Japanese manufacturer. Among their huge repertoire of products, the most popular are their safety breakers and ELCBs due to the high standard of quality and very competitive prices.
Jubilee Corporation carries these two popular product ranges.

Safety Circuit Breakers:
Kawamura safety circuit breakers of ratings 10A, 15A, 20A and 30A are suitable for individual electric distribution circuits, lighting, heating, and air conditioning circuits and distribution boards.

  • 2-pole with interrupting capacity of 1.5KA

ELCBs (2-pole):
Kawamura ELCBs protect human life from electrical shock and prevent damage to property caused by electrical leakage. These ELCS are suitable for use both in industry (machinery protection e.g. in motors, pumps, drills etc.) and at home (for appliances e.g. airconditioners, freezers etc.). Special features include:

  • Earth Leakage plus overload and short circuit protection
  • Maximum operating time of 0.1s
  • Zener diode protection against voltage surges
  • Body made of high grade fire resistant material
  • Electronic circuits for ground fault detection and amplification

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