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With over 6500 employees worldwide, and an innovative, carefully structured product range, Hager is one of the leading international manufacturers of domestic and commercial distribution equipment. They are world leader in miniature circuit breakers, RCBs and Enclosures.

Hager has manufacturing sites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and an established marketing network throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific by Hager subsidiary companies. Hager products are available in over 40 countries throughout the world.

The following Hager products are regularly stocked by Jubilee Corporation.

Miniature Circuit Breakers:
A variety of single, double, triple and four pole Miniature breakers are available including special models with higher breaking capacities. The table below shows the characteristics of each range.

Optional accessories are also available for Hager which include:
1. Auxiliary Contacts (1a+1b)
2. Alarm Contacts (1a+1b)
3. Shunt trip (110/415VAC)
4. Under Voltage Release (230 VAC)
5. Handle Locking Device

Hager RCCBs:

The 2-pole and 4-pole Hager Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers handled by Jubilee can be DIN mounted and are available in ratings of 25A, 40A and 63A. Further 100A 4-pole RCCBs are also available. The standard sensitivity rating is 30mA but for higher ratings, sensitivities of100mA and 300mA are also offered.

Modular Instruments, Indicators and Time Switches:

1. Voltmeters: Hager manufactures DIN Rail Mounting Type Voltmeters which give a range of 0 – 500V for direct readings.
2. Ammeters: Hager DIN type Ammeters give a range of 1-30A on direct reading. With a CT/5A, 0-100A and 0-250A readings are possible.
3. Time Switches: The presence of the minute adjustable knob and a time accuracy of +1 sec per day make Hager Time switches very precise. Further both the models offered have 200 hours of power failure backup.
The EH111 model is DIN mountable and allows 96 operations per day
The EH711 model can be flush, surface or DIN mounted. It allows 72 operations per day.

Golf Enclosures:
Hager 1, 2 and 3 row golf enclosures are available which can hold 8, 12, 24 or 36 modules.

Hager Flush Mounting and Surface Mounting Enclosures both come with reversible transparent doors with more than 180 degrees of opening. The latual stop on DIN rails facilitates the positioning of the first modular device.

Flush type enclosures are supplied with separate back box for mounting during wall construction. DIN rails are on the door frame so that pre-wiring is possible in the work shop.

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