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Since 1938, FENWAL has been dedicated to providing their clients with solutions for, industrial temperature controlling, thermal sensing and control equipment. With its customer focused goal, FENWAL has grown in leaps and bounds and has recently become a part of theWalter Kidde & Co. group. FENWAL’s Engineering and Manufacturing system is certified to international standard ISO9001.The FENWAL brand of temperature and gas ignition products is well known throughout many industries for its high quality and reliability. The products are designed to provide excellent performance in the most demanding applications.

Temperature Controllers:
Among the variety of FENWAL, there are 3 main varieties: The AR44L digital range, the AR24L and the economical FM range. The table below gives a brief overview of the three.

Input Types
Temerature Ranges
AR44L 96x96 K-type
Pt 100
0 to 1200
0 to 400
0 to 1600
-100 to 400
Ar24L 48x96 Same as AR44L Same as AR44L
FM 96x96 K-type
Pt 100
0 to 100
0 to 1600
-50 to 200

As can be noticed, the AR44L is a very dynamic product. Further, the AR24L is very similar to the AR44L model but has a smaller size.

Digital Temperature Indicators:
The HS FENWAL digital temperature indicator is very versatile and is 96x48mm.When used with K-type thermocouples the range of temperatures that can be measured is 0 to 1200C. When Pt 100 sensors are used, the range can either be 0 to 400C or -100 to +100C.

FENWAL temperature recorders are also available.

FENWAL thermocouples for the above temperature controllers are also available including:

  • K-type thermocouple (both screw and cartridge type)
  • Pt-100 Thermocouple Head
  • Thermo-element wire for K-type thermocouples

Also, where multi signal inputs are available, a FENWAL Thermocouple Selector Switch can be used. The selector switch is push button type and is suitable for panel mounting.

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