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Emirel S.r.l

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Bologna, Italy

Emirel S.r.l is a highly specialized company for relay related products. It does not manufacture a large range of products as most manufacturers, instead it focuses on only a few products, e.g. Voltage relays. This acute focus on voltage relays has been the reason for Emirel’s substantial investment in research and development of these few products and has resulted in a very high standard of quality and product popularity.

Under and Over Voltage Relays:
Emirel Voltage relays provide combined under and over voltage protection. The features of the relays include:

  • Adjustable time delay: 3 to 34
  • Adjustable Control Setting range for Trip: -20% to +20% of rated Voltage
  • Automatic reset: Relay switches ON when input is within allowed band
  • Visualization by LEDs
  • Includes 11pin FC socket.

There are three main models for Emirel Voltage relays:

  1. E479N Under and Over Voltage relay for 220VAC/1-phase.
  2. E448N Under and Over Voltage relay for 415VAC/3-phase. This model includes phase failure protection
  3. E444N Under and Over Voltage relay for 415VAC/3-phase. This model includes both phase failure protection and phase sequence detection.

Phase Sequence Relay - RST:
The Emirel E020 phase sequence relay with 11P FC socket. The relay has a voltage range of 220 ~ 440VAC

Thermal PTC (Thermistor) Protector/Relay:
Also available is the Emirel E363 Thermistor Protector/ Relay. This too comes with a 11P FC socket and has a supply voltage of 115VAC or 230VAC.

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