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DF prides itself on its customer relations and its wide range of products. Since its conception in 1982, quality has been of utmost importance at DF and the company fulfilled ISO 9001 standards at the beginning of 1998. The manufacturing processes in DF are fully automated and all products are 100% verified, approved by multiple international standards including UNESA Spain, UL USA, CSA Canada, NF France, etc.

NH Fuses:
The NH range of HRC fuse links from DF has a breaking capacity of 120KA at 500V. Specifications are according to VDE 0636 and IEC 269-2 standards. The range covers the 4 basic groups:
Group 00: ratings from 25A up to 160A
Group 01: ratings from 160A up to 250A
Group 02: ratings of 315A and 400A
Group 03: ratings of 500A and 630A

The 1-pole bases for these NH fuses are made from high quality ceramic.
Group 00 bases have a maximum rating of 160A
Group 01 bases have a maximum rating of 250A

HRC Cylindrical Fuses:

The HRC Cylindrical fuses with indicator have identical breaking capacities to the NH range.
The fuses available are of the T-0 kinds which have a size of (10x38). Ratings are available from 2A to 32A.
1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole modular bases for these fuses are of the PM-F variety and can be DIN mounted.

Full range of products is available of request.

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