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In an effort to become a foundation for automation industry, Autonics has grown and broadened its line of diversified products in areas of control devices and sensors. With strong trust and reliance from its customers, Autonics has achieved considerable growth.
This remarkable growth is a result of aggressive investment in technology development and research activities.
Autonics markets and distributes its products through 60 sales agents network in 50 countries. Each year, Autonics brand recognition has been increased considerably, and the acquisition of international quality certificates (CE, ISO9001, UL, CUL, VDE) also insures the superiority of our world-class product quality.

The main categories of Autonics products regularly carried by Jubilee Corporation are:

• Digital Preset Counters, Timers and Digital LCD Timers
• Proximity Sensors and Controllers
• Digital Panel Meters
• Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Thermocouples and RTD
• Photo-electric Sensors

Details of all these products can be found in the Jubilee Corporation catalog and price list, which can be requested from the company. For further questions, please using the contact form on the website.

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